Pull-Off Colourful Floral Nail Design Using Nail Dipping Powder with These Designs

Do you and paint brush can work harmoniously together? If you do, then it is time to reinvent you art by doing in on your own nails instead of the usual canvass. You can wow everyone with your home-made floral manicure that is to die for. Women adore nails and flowers and combining the two will make a striking combination. It is time to put your free-hand at work as you create these tiny flower designs on your nails.

Pull-Off Colourful Floral Nail Design

1. Simple Blue Flower on White Nails

Using LDS Clear Powder, coat the nail bed and have yourself a nice little canvass. Using a detailing brush and black nail polish, create the stem and other details. Your flower design doesn’t have to be too complicated especially if you are a beginner. You can create simple petals using detailing brush and LDS D88 Powderblue.

2. Fantastic Orange Flowers on White Base

If you want your floral design to stand out, white base is the best way to go. It is clean and it will really highlight your art. In this case, you can now be a bit bold and create a two-toned flower instead of a simple one. The petals can be achieved by combining LDS D101 Fantastic and LDS D100 Bloody Mary. Just go easy on the red so you don’t mess up with the look.


Get a Chip-off Manicure with These Few Products

Musicians and typist alike all suffer the same fate as those housewives who works without hand gloves and this misfortune is called nicked nails. Though proper paint job helps in extending the life of your freshly painted nails, a long lasting mani is only as good as the materials you use and if your favourite salon doesn’t invest on their materials then don’t expect your nail polish to last long. Here are some of the chip-off products that you can use at home or take with you if you want someone to do your nails so you can have a heavy-duty week of flawless wear:

Chip-off Manicure with These Few Products

Clear Base

The same love and care you give to your face when applying makeup, a good manicure always starts with your foundation. The translucent, clear, pink and white base fills in ridges, and its signature tacky formula literally anchors any colour on top to prevent peeling and chipping. DTK Nail Supply has three varieties of bases from 3 known brands and they all offer good foundation for your nails. (more…)

OPI Dipping Powders

Sometimes, our lifestyle and the work we do can be changed by a simple thing like the nail polish we use. Regular nail polishes like acrylics and gels are known to have an application process that takes hours to complete and yet they chip off easily by just washing your hands or even when your fingers and nails withstand a little pressure. Do you have to let a nail polish change your life? You can avoid all this mess by considering OPI dip powder for strong and elegant looking nails.

opi dipping powder

With OPI dip powder system, it is now possible to have your nails retaining their elegant look for weeks without worrying about getting in touch with water or doing work that may cause pressure to your nails. This powder lets you live a normal life doing what you are supposed to do with no fears and at the same time looking elegant than any other person around. Many people are not aware of how a good substitute OPI dipping powder is to the usual gels and acrylic that a large population of women all over the world are used to. Many are just aware of the polishes that have to take a significant part of the day to apply. Such polishes easily chip off hence need one to keep on applying them after a few days. Some of the polish users are acquainted of acrylics better alternatives like gels that may last a little longer. However, gels would require you to use UV light hence exposing you to pathological complications. (more…)

Yoga for Runners: Guest blog by Jen Donahoo

Yogi/runner Jen Donahoo shared with us how hot yoga at TruHarmony impacted her performance in races–we are thrilled and inspired!

Before I started practicing at TruHarmony, I struggled with cross training. Since I started going to Tru I have to say I have definitely started to see an improvement in my runs and pace. I’ve been an avid runner for some time.

I had knee surgery in August and this past weekend I ran a half marathon in New Orleans, my first since surgery. I managed to run the best/ fastest race I have ever run. I can not describe how strong and confident I felt. I really think that Tru helped. I’m not a fan of running in the humidity and would also feel ‘tired’ during races that had the sun beating down on me. I truly feel that taking classes at Tru with heat have helped to improve my performance as a runner. Not only has it helped to improve my performance, but its also helped with rehabbing my knee. The strength that I managed to develop made me feel pain free when I crossed the finish line. Needless to say I was so pumped with cutting off 10 minutes from my last PR! As well as it being my first race after knee surgery, I’ve had 4 knee surgeries total.

I can say this much, I will definitely be increasing the time spent at Tru in class so I can improve even more in my running!

The Master Cleanse

That’s right, it’s been decided. A few of us are going to join together and balance out the Memorial Day holiday weekend by following it with a seven-day cleanse.

Here’s the dates:

On Tuesday, June 1, we’ll begin the three-day ease-in
On Friday, June 4, we’ll start the seven-day cleanse
On Friday, June 12, the three-day recovery will begin and we’ll officially be done on June 13
The recovery is the most important and I hear it is the most uncomfortable part of the process. Even though we’ve been dreaming about jelly-filled donuts for a week – it is not worth the stomachache.

So, how do we do it?

The ease-in and recovery mirror each other. Start with a day of eating only fruits and vegetables (no meat or dairy). On day two, eat only smoothies, juices (V8), soup or broth. Day three is only orange juice. For the recovery, day one is orange juice, day two is smoothies/soups, and day three is fruits and veggies.
CLEANSE: we’ll call this mixture “lemonade,” detailed below. Drink 6-12 glasses a day, or whenever you are hungry. Drink as much plain water as you like (most of us are dehydrated anyway).
Laxative: every morning and night. Alternatively, a salt water flush can be done at night. Mix one Tablespoon of sea salt into a liter of water and drink the whole thing on an empty stomach. Then, stay near a restroom for at least an hour.
Cheating with herbal tea (caffeine free) is allowed. ONLY herbal tea.

2 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice (enzymes and vitamins, MUST use fresh lemon juice or you’ll have less energy)
2 Tablespoons maple syrup (ONLY use 100% pure maple syrup, the darker the better)
1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper powder (increases circulation, raises metabolism, breaks up mucous)
8 ounces water
Some people do the Master Cleanse for rapid weight loss – but it doesn’t stick. Focus on the lifestyle change that comes with being aware of what you put in your body. During the day, think about how your glorious body is working to get rid of toxins.

Definitely go to yoga – you will sweat out toxins and deep breathing will help your body do its work. Keep a journal, read a book or set aside time each day for meditation.

Questions? Reply below with a comment, and I’ll get back to you!

“Honor Your Body” Guest blog by Esperanza Castillo

Recently we caught up with yogi Esperanza about the changes she has seen in herself since taking classes at TruHarmony. We are thrilled to be included in her journey–read and be inspired!

Michelle’s instruction has been my favorite. Her Thursday sculpt yoga class is the one my body dislikes the most bc I’m so outa shape but her instructing, practice & communication keeps me engaged but focused on my own practice. After the past two winters of Bikram, TruHarmony changed my opinion about Vinyasa giving the body a whole workout & relaxation & meditation. Last week, Michelle, taught about space & release. And that day, I had been filtering & releasing a lot of negative energy. Then this past Saturday morning, the male instructor, talked of w/out judgement, we find curiosity & then we he challenged us in a new pose that stretched us, he reminded us to just be in that moment bc it’s just a tiny moment in time. I’m not your typical “zen” yoga guru kind of person but there’s so much therapy in the classes. And then this past Wednesday, it was bitter cold, I had to commute over an hour & half to make my class which made me regret going then practice was wonderful & the instructor at the end, told us to honor ourselves for taking the time to honor our bodies!! Wow!!

Lincoln Park



Our Lincoln Park Location is Open Now!

@1123 W. Armitage

A NEW TRU for you…

  • 100% environmentally green
  • two studios both heated and non-heated (for alternative styles)
  • showers
  • daycare
  • more class variety/styles/availability
  • specialized workshops
  • aerial yoga (coming in fall 2013)
  • boutique retail including exclusive NIKE lifestyle gear
  • marketplace featuring ZICO coconut water, MARKBAR & Smartwater
  • and much more!

*PLUS…. plenty of street parking for your convenience


Lincoln Park Grand Opening Event- ‘A Taste of Tru’

June 6th 2013

Experience & Celebrate what’s New & Tru…

6pm-7pm: Complimentary Candlelight Vinyasa Class with Megan Chappell*

7pm-9pm: Open House Reception- For Details + RSVP, see our Facebook Event Page

*Please RSVP for this FREE class online at: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/ASP/home.asp?studioid=4924
 Limited spots available, book today!