Seven Secrets of Getting the Best Gel Nails in Town

Nothing can be better than an exquisite gel manicure shining on your nails. You become the center of attraction at any party. But, while gel nails look beautiful, do you know that much preparation goes into making them gorgeous? It would be great to summarize the secrets required to get the best SNS gel nails in town. Your prayers have been answered as here are the seven steps to achieving fabulous SNS gel nails that can rightfully be referred to as neighbor’s envy and owner’s pride.

Seven Secrets of Getting the Best Gel Nails in Town

Seven Steps to Own a Successful SNS Gel Nails

Do not underestimate the prepping

You must have heard these words. If you fail to prepare well, you better be prepared to fail. This statement is true when it comes to gel manicures. We advise that you spend more than 40% of the time prepping your nail because it is crucial for an excellent manicure. The prepping starts with removing the existing nail polish traces, if any. Generally, they should come out if you file them. But stubborn nail polish residue requires acetone treatment.

Cutting and shaping your nails is critical because long nails tend to break and affect the manicure. So, we advise keeping the nail lengths to manageable levels. File the edges to make them smooth. Otherwise, they can entangle in your cloth fibers and damage the manicure. Push the cuticles gently and avoid snipping them because it can cause severe injuries that take time to heal.

Buff your nail surface properly to remove as much oil and debris as possible from the nails. Wipe the nails clean using an alcohol-based wiping solution. It disinfects the nails and ensures a healthy manicure. (more…)

Everything You Need to Know about Gel X Nails

Various manicure options are available for women to enhance their nail beauty. For example, you have dip powder manicures and gel polish. Besides, you can go for acrylic extensions if you have short nails. While each of these manicures has its benefits, you have to contend with its drawbacks. For example, the acrylic extension allows you to get the nail shapes you desire. At the same time, acrylic nail extensions have health concerns because of methyl methacrylate used in the manufacture of these products. While FDA has banned its use, some nail salons still use it. Under such circumstances, Gel X nails seem to be the perfect alternative. So, let us discuss what gel X extensions are and how to get them.

What are Gel X Extensions?

Everything You Need to Know about Gel X Nails

Gel X extension is a procedure that offers the additional length of a glue-on or press-on nail and the malleability of a gel polish manicure.

The best aspect of this gel extension is that it is made of gel polish and applied directly to your natural nail. Therefore, you can cut and shape the extension according to your preference. The difference between Gel X and gel polish is that Gel X creates length beyond your natural nail with clear tips that blend seamlessly with your nails. (more…)

How Are Essential Oils Beneficial for Your Skin?

Essential oils are becoming more popular these days as people seek a natural alternative to skincare. But what exactly is an essential oil and how does it work? This article will explore the benefits of using essential oils on your skin and explain why they may be perfect for you.

How Are Essential Oils Beneficial for Your Skin

What Are They?

Essential oils are plant extracts that come from the seed, bark, leaves, flowers, or other parts of a plant. The extraction process typically involves steam distillation or cold-pressing (expeller-pressed). Both methods yield highly concentrated liquids that have potent healing properties when applied topically to the skin.

The Mechanism of Action of Essential Oils

If you are using one of the top essential oil brands, they’ll do wonders on your skin. The main mechanism of action of using essential oils on your skin is that they can penetrate deep into the layers of tissue and provide therapeutic effects.

Their chemical formulation allows them to actually alter and regulate cellular function, which means they can kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses as well as alleviate inflammation and redness.

Essential oils also help promote healthy cell growth by increasing circulation within the skin. This reception increases oxygenation to the cells, giving you a more vibrant complexion. Some oils even have anti-aging properties because they contain powerful antioxidants such as vitamin E . Antioxidants give added protection from free radicals – unstable molecules in our bodies that cause premature aging. (more…)

Complement Your Skin Tone by Finding the Chicest OPI Color

Everyone loves to appear top-notch and always look perfect no matter wherever they are going. For this, what can be a better way to complement one’s dressing and style with the help of using some classic nail polish. It can help you to not only balance your overall look but is also a great idea to complete your overall look. However, one thing that can help you to perfectly ace your entire appearance is by choosing the right gel nail color that can work as the cherry on the top.

Complement Your Skin Tone by Finding the Chicest OPI Color

While it is great to wear seasonally trendy nail colors, you also need to remember not all colors match your complexion. This means that every color range flatters different skin tones, and you can choose what shade will go best with yours to look chic just like you want. So, read more below to find what OPI nail polish gel matches your skin tone.

OPI Nail Polish Matches Your Skin Tone

Light Skin Tone

If you are one of the people who have a lighter or rather pale skin tone, both bright as well as light pastel nail colors are a great choice to balance your overall look. This means that you have a variety of color options that you can make a choice from. (more…)

Ideas to Get Your Skin Glammed up If You Are Having Rosacea or Melasma

Rosacea and melasma are the most commonly faced skin conditions these days. Not only are they difficult to get rid of, but they also make it very hard to apply makeup on your skin. It is very important to know the reasons for these two skin conditions and some useful tips and tricks to apply makeup when you are having any such issue. The following article will help you in this regard.

Ideas to Get Your Skin Glammed

What is rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic skin disorder that usually begins with a tendency to flush easily. The disorder is seen more in women than men (up to five times as often), and it can be inherited. Symptoms of rosacea include redness, pimples, swelling of the nose, eyes, and cheeks, flushing that comes and goes throughout the day or can be brought on by drinking alcohol or eating spicy foods. Other signs include small visible blood vessels surrounding the nose and a burning or stinging sensation.

Makeup tips for rosacea

While doing makeup on your skin having rosacea, you don’t need to change your entire routine. Just add the following tips to your usual makeup routine.

  1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser before makeup application, without applying force or rubbing your skin.
  2. To prevent dryness and reduce the risk of irritation, moisturize thoroughly after cleaning your face.
  3. As a foundation, choose a mineral powder with added titanium dioxide to prevent irritation from ultraviolet rays and dryness. You can also try out the best BB cream for rosacea. It can serve as a good foundation for your daily makeup routine.
  4. For blush and eyeshadow, choose a matte shade without added oils to reduce the risk of irritation.
  5. When removing makeup, choose an oil-based makeup remover instead of a water-based one. Wipe gently with cotton pads to remove impurities without damaging the skin barrier. If you get any of these ingredients into the eyes or nose, it can cause inflammation of parts near there.
  6. After washing your face, use a soft towel to gently pat the face until it is thoroughly dry.


Do You Have Troubles in Using Dipping Powder?

In the last few years, the nail industry in the US and a lot of countries such as the UK, Australia, France, Canada, Italy, Korea, and Vietnam,… has developed extremely strongly. Women all over the world today are aware of the benefits of beauty. Beauty gives us an attractive appearance and thereby also creates many opportunities in work as well as in social relationships. In addition to facial care and hair care products, nowadays beauty products for nails also win a lot of women’s hearts. Dipping Nail (also known as dipping powder nails) is very popular and growing. Among them, Nugenesis dip nail colors is also a highly appreciated product line in the nail industry. Let’s research about Nugenesis dipping powder.

Dipping Nail Powder will look like powder in powder coating, but in fact, the usage of dipping powder and resurfacing powder is different, their name has somewhat said it. Dipping powder is composed of acrylic powder with very fine particles, combined with resin (a plastic substance used in cosmetics), adding some ingredients such as calcium, vitamin E … to strengthen nails stronger, minimize the maximum encroachment damages our natural nails.

Nugenesis Nails Dipping Powder’s Introduction

Do You Have Troubles in Using Dipping Powder

NUGENESIS NAILS is a company specializing in manufacturing and supplying high quality nail dip powder in the market. Nugenesis nail colors is currently at the forefront of the professional nail care industry. These products are 100% manufactured in Canada and the US. With a pretty good quality and affordable price, Nugenesis nails is becoming more and more popular and receiving a lot of positive feedback from customers of all ages. This product line up to now has been distributed in more than 30 countries around the world. (more…)

The most easiest oily skin makeup tips

For oily skin, makeup looks should be such that it shows a minimum amount of shine on your face. It should also be able to absorb all the sebum giving you a compact and well defined look. Oily skin tends to sweat a lot more frequently so your makeup should also be long lasting enough to stand all the skin secretions. It should not wash away leaving a sticky residue on your skin. There are some popular ways to achieve the makeup goals for oily skin. We compiled them all in the form of tips and ideas so you can use them in your makeup routine.

The most easiest oily skin makeup tips

Tips to prep your skin

There are few things that can help you in getting a better look of your skin. First of all, before applying makeup, you should first cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Use a good, gentle scrub for this purpose. Massage your damp face thoroughly with it. This will let any clogged pores open and cleanse them from inside.

After exfoliation, comes the serum. You can try out Korean serum for oily skin. The serum will keep your skin well moisturized. Along with that, it will help in providing you with the nutrients that are lost with oil. Apply it in an upward motion using a soft bristled sponge.

When the serum is well settled in, you can apply a creamy textured moisturiser. Let it sink into your skin and provide you with all the goodness it offers.

After that comes the primer. For oily skin, always choose a water based primer. Do not go for the greasy ones. When you apply it on your face, do not rub it with your fingers, instead use a soft sponge or brush to blend it. Rubbing it with fingers can increase oil production which you totally don’t want.


How to Apply OPI Gel Polish

If you are a fashionista and into pretty nails, you might be looking to buy OPI gel colors, which, by the way, are an excellent choice for manicure enthusiasts. Even if you are a beginner and don’t want to spend loads of money in a nail salon, you can make good use of the OPI gel kit and have your nails done professionally.

Before we proceed to the essential steps of applying OPI gel colors, let us have a look at what makes the OPI gel different from the traditional acrylic nails.

How to Apply OPI Gel Polish

What are OPI Gel Colors?

For anyone looking for a long-lasting, glossy, and shiny manicure, we recommend buying OPI gel colors. You have a wide variety of colors, shades, and hues to choose from. Also, your nails’ health won’t get affected by the application. The OPI gel colors application process is easy, the colors are glossy and shiny. With good after-care, you can make your manicure last longer than three weeks. In contrast to acrylic nails, the OPI can be applied on short nails too.


The 7 Alternatives to Dry Gelixir Nail Polish Faster

Nail polish looks beautiful when you apply it properly to your nails. The correct procedure requires the nail polish to dry out completely. Otherwise, you can damage the manicure by smudging nail polish all over the place.

Generally, you visit a nail salon for a nail manicure. Nail salons have high-quality UV lamps that can cure the nail polish topcoat layer within no time. A minute or two is sufficient for the polish to dry. If you have the nail manicure are home, you may not have a UV lamp readily available. Under such circumstances, you should know the alternate modes of drying nail polish.

We reiterate that the best way to dry gel Gelixir is by curing your nails under the UV lamp. The other methods discussed below are effective, but you should use them only if you do not have access to the UV or LED light.

Alternatives to UV/LED Lamp for drying nail polish

Leave It to Dry Naturally

If you have a lot of time at your disposal, you can apply your topcoat and leave it to dry naturally. The sun’s UV rays should prove sufficient to dry your nails. However, it can take more time than a UV/LED lamp. Besides, there is a risk of dust particles sticking to the wet paint. It can damage your nail manicure. (more…)

The Best Use of Face Masks for Improving the Beauty and Health of Your Skin

Face masks have always been popular in the quest to embrace beauty and self care. People have been using homemade masks for years. They are mainly the choice of people due to the number of benefits they provide. Keeping the importance of face masks in consideration, it is necessary to know about their different types. You should also know about their right and effective usage. Few of these things are highlighted below.

Best Face Masks for Improving Beauty

Which face masks are good for your skin?

It is always a difficult task to choose the right product for you. This is because a lot of options are available in the market and you might get confused about what your requirements are. Here are few things you should keep in mind while choosing a face mask.

Talking about the present time, enzymatic masks are known to every skin care enthusiast. These are made up of fruit extracts. Use of the best enzyme mask for face gives you a powerful antioxidant boost. This protects your face from infections and microbial growth.

Choose a face mask that provides you with maximum hydration. Face masks are a slow and efficient way to restore moisture of the skin. So you can go for the one that allows you to revitalize the natural balance of your face.

If you experience fine lines and wrinkles on your face, you can go for the one that has anti aging properties. These will allow your collagen level to boost up and rejuvenate your cells. (more…)