The most easiest oily skin makeup tips

For oily skin, makeup looks should be such that it shows a minimum amount of shine on your face. It should also be able to absorb all the sebum giving you a compact and well defined look. Oily skin tends to sweat a lot more frequently so your makeup should also be long lasting enough to stand all the skin secretions. It should not wash away leaving a sticky residue on your skin. There are some popular ways to achieve the makeup goals for oily skin. We compiled them all in the form of tips and ideas so you can use them in your makeup routine.

The most easiest oily skin makeup tips

Tips to prep your skin

There are few things that can help you in getting a better look of your skin. First of all, before applying makeup, you should first cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Use a good, gentle scrub for this purpose. Massage your damp face thoroughly with it. This will let any clogged pores open and cleanse them from inside.

After exfoliation, comes the serum. You can try out Korean serum for oily skin. The serum will keep your skin well moisturized. Along with that, it will help in providing you with the nutrients that are lost with oil. Apply it in an upward motion using a soft bristled sponge.

When the serum is well settled in, you can apply a creamy textured moisturiser. Let it sink into your skin and provide you with all the goodness it offers.

After that comes the primer. For oily skin, always choose a water based primer. Do not go for the greasy ones. When you apply it on your face, do not rub it with your fingers, instead use a soft sponge or brush to blend it. Rubbing it with fingers can increase oil production which you totally don’t want.

What makeup artists do

Advice of makeup artists can be very helpful due to their knowledge about the behavior of skin to different makeup products. Talking about oily skin in particular, there are some things which makeup artists do and suggest.

Firstly, you should apply a good amount of concealer on all the creased surfaces of skin. These include your eyelids, outer corner of eye, around your nose and your forehead. These areas are the most prone to oil production so you should conceal them well and set them with a good setting powder. Apply a good amount of powder and let it stay for a few minutes before applying the next product. In this way, all the open pores will be closed and oil production will be minimized.

Products you use should be all skin specific. The most popular and in-trend products these days are Korean makeup for oily skin. The specificity of these products with the oily skin makes them highly beneficial. These not only help control oil production but also prevent future breakouts. The pore minimizer properties are another plus point of these products which makes them highly recommended by experts.

Products that help regain nourishment

While applying makeup, make sure you don’t compromise on the health and nourishment of your skin. Ensure that your foundation is rich in vitamins and nutrients. Look for the same thing in your other products like powder, concealer and blush.


While doing makeup on oily skin, it is very important to consider that your minor negligence can trigger oil breakouts. You need to be very careful and pay attention to each and every aspect of skincare while you apply any product on your face. Your skin’s health should be your top priority and this should apply on the type of makeup routine you go for. Our suggestions for getting the ideal makeup routine for oily skin can help you in this regard. Try out these tips and say goodbye to all your worries.