Everything You Need to Know about Gel X Nails

Various manicure options are available for women to enhance their nail beauty. For example, you have dip powder manicures and gel polish. Besides, you can go for acrylic extensions if you have short nails. While each of these manicures has its benefits, you have to contend with its drawbacks. For example, the acrylic extension allows you to get the nail shapes you desire. At the same time, acrylic nail extensions have health concerns because of methyl methacrylate used in the manufacture of these products. While FDA has banned its use, some nail salons still use it. Under such circumstances, Gel X nails seem to be the perfect alternative. So, let us discuss what gel X extensions are and how to get them.

What are Gel X Extensions?

Everything You Need to Know about Gel X Nails

Gel X extension is a procedure that offers the additional length of a glue-on or press-on nail and the malleability of a gel polish manicure.

The best aspect of this gel extension is that it is made of gel polish and applied directly to your natural nail. Therefore, you can cut and shape the extension according to your preference. The difference between Gel X and gel polish is that Gel X creates length beyond your natural nail with clear tips that blend seamlessly with your nails.

Another notable difference between your acrylic extension and Gel X nails is that Gel X covers the entire nail bed, right from your cuticles to the edges. On the other hand, acrylic extensions sit three-fourths of the way down your nail. Therefore, there could be an uneven bump if you have acrylic extensions, whereas the Gel X extensions appear smooth.

How Do You Fix Gel X Extensions?

The initial steps to get a Gel X extension are the same as a gel manicure. You prep your nails using a sterilized nail file and buff. Clean the debris and apply a basecoat layer. Cure it under the UV lamp and apply a coat of gel polish. The next step is to cure this polish layer under the UV/LED lamp. Now, you can proceed with the Gel X extension.

Fix the gel extension on your nail as close to the nail base as possible. Then, apply gel polish to fill the gaps and cure them under the UV lamp. It makes the extension strong.

Why Get Gel X Extensions?

Gel X extensions resemble your regular nails and look natural. Compared to acrylic extensions, the Gel X extensions are more refined. Besides, you can cut and shape the extensions according to your preference. Secondly, these extensions do not lift or crack. Therefore, they do not look clunky on your hands.

However, you should be ready to spend more than an hour on a single Gel X extension manicure. If you require additional gel polish coats on the top of your Gel X nails, it will consume half an hour more.

Are Gel X Extensions Durable?

The key to ensuring long-lasting Gel X extensions is to get them from a trained manicurist. The nail salon technicians do a professional job and follow the proper procedures. Your Gel X extensions can comfortably last for three to four weeks without lifting or chipping. However, you can experience nail growth at the nail base. It is a sign to remove the extensions and go for a fresh manicure.

Another advantage of Gel X nails is that you can remove and repaint them whenever you want without filling them like acrylic nails.

Are Gel X Nails Safe?

Compared to acrylic nails, gel X extensions are safer methods of lengthening your nails. The secret to safe Gel X nails is in following the correct procedure. Besides, Gel X extensions do not have harmful chemicals like acrylic nail monomers. However, this procedure involves using a UV lamp. So, you should avoid continuous exposure to UV lamps by alternating between different nail manicures.

How to Remove Gel X Extensions?

The Gel X nail removal can be more challenging than standard gel manicures. It is not advisable to remove Gel X extensions before mastering the technique. The nail salon technician is the right person to do the job.

The removal process requires using an electric nail file to break the top layers of gel polish before subjecting the Gel X tips to acetone soaking. This procedure is similar to your regular gel polish removal, but it can take more time. However, you should not rip off your nail extensions forcibly because they can damage your natural nail bed.

Final Words

We have discussed Gel X extensions in detail. So, you have another alternative before you if you decide to have a nail manicure. In addition, Gel X extensions are a boon for people with short nails as it enables them to acquire natural-looking long nails comfortably.