Gilt City Clients: FAQ

Welcome to TruHarmony Yoga!

Below is a helpful FAQ that we hope answers any questions you may have about beginning your yoga experience with us at TruHarmony Yoga!

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Q:  Does my voucher get redeemed on the day I arrive to the studio for my first class or on the day I make my first reservation online?

A:  Your voucher gets redeemed on the first day that you arrive to the studio for your first class.

Q:  How will I know if my voucher is activated?

A:  Once you are able to begin reserving spots for classes on our website, your Gilt City voucher has become activated.  The redemption of the voucher happens upon arrival to the studio for your first class.

Q:  Is it required that I make a reservation for the class/classes I want to attend? 

A:  YES, all Gilt City clients are required to reserve a spot for the class you want to attend.  Failure to make a reservation does not ensure a spot in the class.

Q:  How do I reserve my spot for a class?

A:  On our website, there is a link to view our schedule.  Click on this link and login to your account.  Once you are logged in, you can then select the class/classes for which you’d like to reserve your spot.  PLEASE BE SURE that the email address that currently associated to your profile is your primary contact address so that you will receive an email confirmation of your reservation.  Failure to provide your email address will not allow you to have access to our alerts regarding class/schedule updates, as well as cancellation and wait list updates.

Q:  What is your reservation/cancellation policy?

A:  Per your Gilt City agreement, all Gilt City clients are required to make online reservation via our website.  We cannot accept walk-ins for Gilt City clients who do not have a confirmed reservation.  If you reserve a spot for class but for some reason you are unable to attend that class, we require you to cancel your reserved spot online with 24 hours’ notice.  Failure to cancel an online reservation without 24 hours’ notice on more than two [2] occasions will result in the automatic deactivation of your Gilt City voucher.

 Q:  What if I am on a waitlist?  How will I know if I’m in the class or not?

A:  Our waitlist system works like this: Once you have added your name to our waitlist, our system will send you an email notification if you have been added and confirmed into the class.  There is no penalty if you are bumped from the waitlist and are unable attend the class; however, if you do have a confirmed reservation [not a waitlist], and you can’t make class, you do need to cancel it online at least 24 hours prior to class time.  After two [2] no shows and/or not cancelling  a reservation within 24 hours prior to class time, will result in the automatic deactivation of your Gilt City voucher.  The likelihood of getting into a class once you’re waitlisted depends on the class and the class time, so it is highly suggested that you put your name on a waitlist, as many people end up cancelling their reservation with plenty of notice, allowing our waitlist clients a confirmed spot in our classes.  If you do not receive an email indicating a confirmed reservation, we invite you to still arrive at the studio 15 minutes prior to class time to see if a spot opens up.  Most of the time, showing up to the studio with only a waitlist reservation ends up working out well for our clients.

Q:  Is there a penalty if I do not show up for my reservation if I was ORIGINALLY on a waitlist?

A:  No.  If you receive an email confirming that you’ve been added to the class as a result of being on a waitlist, this means that you have a reserved spot.  We would appreciate it if you could cancel the reservation if you know you cannot make it; however, there is no penalty if you were bumped from a waitlist yet cannot attend the class.

Q:  What if I bought this Gilt City feature for a friend or family member?

A:  Please refer back to the contract agreement on your voucher from Gilt City (see below):

Q:  Do I have to bring my Gilt City voucher to the studio on my first day, or can I show you my voucher on my iPhone?

A:  iPhones are acceptable methods of proof of purchase for redemption, but email confirmations from Blackberry’s or other PDAs are NOT acceptable methods of proof of purchase.  There are no exceptions to this policy!  If you do NOT have an iPhone, you are required to bring your printed out voucher to the studio before you are able to practice.

Q:  What time should I arrive for class?

A:  Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes before class time starts.  We shut the doors 5 minutes before class starts and cannot allow students to practice if they arrive late.

Q:  What if I followed all of the directions on your website on how to activate my Gilt City voucher, but I’m still having issues?

A:  Please email us at [email protected]. In your email, provide us with your 10-digit voucher and the first and last name of the client using the voucher, and details of the issues you’re experiencing.  We will get back to you within 24 hours.  Please DO NOT call the studio with this information, as we are not taking any Gilt City inquiries over the phone.