Ideas to Get Your Skin Glammed up If You Are Having Rosacea or Melasma

Rosacea and melasma are the most commonly faced skin conditions these days. Not only are they difficult to get rid of, but they also make it very hard to apply makeup on your skin. It is very important to know the reasons for these two skin conditions and some useful tips and tricks to apply makeup when you are having any such issue. The following article will help you in this regard.

Ideas to Get Your Skin Glammed

What is rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic skin disorder that usually begins with a tendency to flush easily. The disorder is seen more in women than men (up to five times as often), and it can be inherited. Symptoms of rosacea include redness, pimples, swelling of the nose, eyes, and cheeks, flushing that comes and goes throughout the day or can be brought on by drinking alcohol or eating spicy foods. Other signs include small visible blood vessels surrounding the nose and a burning or stinging sensation.

Makeup tips for rosacea

While doing makeup on your skin having rosacea, you don’t need to change your entire routine. Just add the following tips to your usual makeup routine.

  1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser before makeup application, without applying force or rubbing your skin.
  2. To prevent dryness and reduce the risk of irritation, moisturize thoroughly after cleaning your face.
  3. As a foundation, choose a mineral powder with added titanium dioxide to prevent irritation from ultraviolet rays and dryness. You can also try out the best BB cream for rosacea. It can serve as a good foundation for your daily makeup routine.
  4. For blush and eyeshadow, choose a matte shade without added oils to reduce the risk of irritation.
  5. When removing makeup, choose an oil-based makeup remover instead of a water-based one. Wipe gently with cotton pads to remove impurities without damaging the skin barrier. If you get any of these ingredients into the eyes or nose, it can cause inflammation of parts near there.
  6. After washing your face, use a soft towel to gently pat the face until it is thoroughly dry.

What is melasma

Melasma remains a common problem for women of all ages, and its prevalence appears to be increasing. A pattern of brownish hyperpigmentation involving the cheeks, forehead, upper lip, and chin. A number of factors may influence the development of melasma, including ultraviolet radiation exposure, hormone replacement therapy, cosmetics, or sunscreens that contain photosensitizing ingredients.

Makeup tips for melasma

Incorporate the following tips in your daily makeup routine and it will largely help in reducing the symptoms of melasma.

  1. Using a brush or a sponge to apply makeup on melasma will lighten the pigmentation of the skin.
  2. Use oil-free products and those formulated for dry and sensitive skin to help control the amount of sebum on your face.
  3. Choose the best concealer for melasma and apply it to all the pigmented spots on your face. This is the best way to hide all the hyperpigmented spots from your face.
  4. Use loose powder or pressed powder when applying makeup to set your makeup.
  5. If you use eyebrow pencils, choose soft ones that contain little pigment.
  6. Avoid spraying water on your face as much as possible since it can make the pigment darker.


If you are suffering from rosacea or melasma, it does not mean that you don’t have the right to look beautiful. You also don’t have to change your entire makeup routine to get rid of this condition. Just remember the tips that we have mentioned above and follow them while applying makeup. These will prevent the triggering factors and help reduce rosacea and melasma to the greatest extent.