Do You Have Troubles in Using Dipping Powder?

In the last few years, the nail industry in the US and a lot of countries such as the UK, Australia, France, Canada, Italy, Korea, and Vietnam,… has developed extremely strongly. Women all over the world today are aware of the benefits of beauty. Beauty gives us an attractive appearance and thereby also creates many opportunities in work as well as in social relationships. In addition to facial care and hair care products, nowadays beauty products for nails also win a lot of women’s hearts. Dipping Nail (also known as dipping powder nails) is very popular and growing. Among them, Nugenesis dip nail colors is also a highly appreciated product line in the nail industry. Let’s research about Nugenesis dipping powder.

Dipping Nail Powder will look like powder in powder coating, but in fact, the usage of dipping powder and resurfacing powder is different, their name has somewhat said it. Dipping powder is composed of acrylic powder with very fine particles, combined with resin (a plastic substance used in cosmetics), adding some ingredients such as calcium, vitamin E … to strengthen nails stronger, minimize the maximum encroachment damages our natural nails.

Nugenesis Nails Dipping Powder’s Introduction

Do You Have Troubles in Using Dipping Powder

NUGENESIS NAILS is a company specializing in manufacturing and supplying high quality nail dip powder in the market. Nugenesis nail colors is currently at the forefront of the professional nail care industry. These products are 100% manufactured in Canada and the US. With a pretty good quality and affordable price, Nugenesis nails is becoming more and more popular and receiving a lot of positive feedback from customers of all ages. This product line up to now has been distributed in more than 30 countries around the world.

With a lot of outstanding advantages such as safety for consumers’ health, easy to use, easy to remove, fashionable and eye-catching colors, a rich collection of colors is enough to prove the attraction of this product line. Nugenesis nails dipping powder is being used by many Nail salons, Spas, Salons across the US in particular and many other countries in the world in general. Customers are really satisfied and they are free to share their real experiences when using Nugenesis dip nail colors with us.

All customers, whether they are professional nail technicians or people who do other jobs but love doing nails and want to make beautiful and unique nail sets for themselves and their mothers, sisters or friends are desire to own the products that are not harmful to health, as well as cause damage to their real nails. Therefore, the introduction of Nugenesis colors is a necessary change.

Specific Advantages of Nugenesis Nails Dipping Powder

Firstly, Nugenesis nails product line has safe, non-toxic Organic ingredients like the products that are being sold widely, of unknown origin on the market, it will not make consumers, especially is a manicurist who suffers from respiratory illness when inhaled directly for a long period of time. Nugenesis dip nail colors does not need to use UV or LED lights to dry, this one does not contain sulfur, has no unpleasant odors. Easy to use, highly effective and contribute to shorten the time to complete 1 set of nails and at the same time, it increases double or triple the number of customers for your salon.

Second, in the composition of Nugenesis nails dipping powder contains Vitamins & Calcium to help strengthen nails, not to damage nails, so customers love it so much.

Third, the powder is smooth and soft. You don’t need much sharpening and the Nugenesis dip nail colors collection with more than 300 super fashionable colors helps the most demanding customers to be satisfied.

Reputable products with outstanding quality and reasonable price. Researched, improved and manufactured using the most modern technologies in Canada, USA and distributed in more than 30 countries around the world.

The continuous development of the nail industry around the world has led to the development and popularity of dipping powder nail products. They have become mainstream in developed countries and gradually become well known in developing countries. So Nugenesis dipping powder is exactly the right product line for all customers, anyone can access and experience Nugenesis dip.

Final thought

Currently on the market, there are many sources selling nail polish, gel polish, dipping powder with very cheap prices. With good quality ads, safe for health, ect. But the origin of the above products is really unclear. Therefore, to be able to buy quality products and avoid buying fake ones, you should find out carefully by going to nail communities, selling nail products on Facebook or visiting our website to be sure that the money you spend to buy the product is right and the products that you receive will bring you a great experience.