Complement Your Skin Tone by Finding the Chicest OPI Color

Everyone loves to appear top-notch and always look perfect no matter wherever they are going. For this, what can be a better way to complement one’s dressing and style with the help of using some classic nail polish. It can help you to not only balance your overall look but is also a great idea to complete your overall look. However, one thing that can help you to perfectly ace your entire appearance is by choosing the right gel nail color that can work as the cherry on the top.

Complement Your Skin Tone by Finding the Chicest OPI Color

While it is great to wear seasonally trendy nail colors, you also need to remember not all colors match your complexion. This means that every color range flatters different skin tones, and you can choose what shade will go best with yours to look chic just like you want. So, read more below to find what OPI nail polish gel matches your skin tone.

OPI Nail Polish Matches Your Skin Tone

Light Skin Tone

If you are one of the people who have a lighter or rather pale skin tone, both bright as well as light pastel nail colors are a great choice to balance your overall look. This means that you have a variety of color options that you can make a choice from.

Since light skin is considered a cool tone, you can simply choose the pastel shades of pink and blue to bring out the best of your natural complexion. You can also go with bright hues if you are a fan of bold fashion options. However, the OPI colors that are best to be avoided are extra dark shades of greens, blues, or any kind of gold in order to set a balanced vibe as well as avoid any kind of unwanted contrast.

Tanned Skin Tone

For people who tend to have rather wheatish or tanned skin tones, it is best for them to apply bright, bold, and beautiful colors in nail paint. Since this type of complexion is considered to be one of the most attractive ones, bright hues will help you to complement your natural color.

This means that instead of going with simple neutral OPI nail paint shades that will look similar to your skin tone, it is better for you to apply colors that can help you to enhance your overall complexion and bring out your personality. For this, you can go with bright shades of purple, pink, and blue, as recommended by many stylists and fashion experts. The shades that are best to be avoided are golden ones as they can make your skin look dull.

Fair Skin Tone

If you are one of those people who tend to have a skin tone that is not exactly pale or does not even count as tanned, you might be a fair-skinned person. Luckily, such skin tones go well with a wide variety of nail polish colors.

Just like your clothes, you can have a number of options and can apply lots of shades without having to worry much. However, some of the colors that you should avoid applying to your nails are yellow-based, red, or orange-red ones. The reason behind this is that these colors can overpower your natural complexion and would not look much attractive on your hands. So, if you want to go with sophisticated colors, it is better not to apply orange or green shades.

Dark Skin Tone

Dark skin tone is one of the most-loved skin colors of the fashion industry. If you have a dark skin complexion, it is best for you to go with deep hues like dark greens, maroons, mocha, dark red, etc., that can help you to enhance your appearance. In addition to that, OPI colors that tend to have lighter shades, such as chocolate brown can also be a great option for you. These colors can not only make your hands look attractive but are also quite great for formal as well as informal gatherings.

However, the colors that need to be avoided are brighter tones like orange, white, silver, and anything that is too pinkish as it will make your skin look aged and dull and would not provide you the expected and satisfying look just like you wanted.


So, to sum it all up, although you can apply any color you want to, if you really want your hands to look prettier and amazing, it is best to go with shades that can complement your skin tone instead of making it appear dull or boring. All you need to do is to find what would suit you best according to your natural complexion, and voila, you are good to go. You can also follow the guidelines of several fashion experts present on different online platforms to have a better idea.