The 7 Alternatives to Dry Gelixir Nail Polish Faster

Nail polish looks beautiful when you apply it properly to your nails. The correct procedure requires the nail polish to dry out completely. Otherwise, you can damage the manicure by smudging nail polish all over the place.

Generally, you visit a nail salon for a nail manicure. Nail salons have high-quality UV lamps that can cure the nail polish topcoat layer within no time. A minute or two is sufficient for the polish to dry. If you have the nail manicure are home, you may not have a UV lamp readily available. Under such circumstances, you should know the alternate modes of drying nail polish.

We reiterate that the best way to dry gel Gelixir is by curing your nails under the UV lamp. The other methods discussed below are effective, but you should use them only if you do not have access to the UV or LED light.

Alternatives to UV/LED Lamp for drying nail polish

Leave It to Dry Naturally

If you have a lot of time at your disposal, you can apply your topcoat and leave it to dry naturally. The sun’s UV rays should prove sufficient to dry your nails. However, it can take more time than a UV/LED lamp. Besides, there is a risk of dust particles sticking to the wet paint. It can damage your nail manicure.

Use a Quick-dry Topcoat

Nowadays, you get Quick-dry topcoats with specific ingredients that cut down on the drying times. These topcoats are available on the cosmetic market, online and offline. You can order a bottle or two and keep them handy. You might have to use this topcoat instead of a regular application, especially if you are in a hurry.

Cold Water Drying Process

Many people follow this trick to dry their nail polish. It requires a bit of preparation. Before you set for a nail painting job, take a bowl of cold water and add an ice cube or two to it. After finishing the paint job, wait for a couple of minutes to let the paint adhere to the nails. Now, dip your nails in the cold water and hold them for five to six minutes. On removing your hands, you will find water beading on the nail surface. It is a sign that the Gelixir colors is dry.

Use Baby Oil to Dry Your Nails

Baby oil, olive oil, or your cooking spray are excellent alternatives for drying nail polish. You can keep the baby oil in a medicine dropper that helps you control the amount of oil you pour on your nails. After painting your nails, you can add a drop or two to each nail and wait patiently for about two to three minutes.

As the oils sit on top of the polish, they soak into it and make the coat a bit thinner. A thin coat dries quickly than a thicker layer. If you observe an oil beading on the nail surface, you can remove it using a dry paper towel. It is a sign that your nail has dried.

Use a hairdryer

Keep your hairdryer ready with the cool air setting before you sit down for a nail manicure. On completing the job, you can let loose a stream of cool air from the hairdryer on the nail. This procedure is useful, but you must exercise care. If you set the setting to hot air, your fingers could get scalded. Secondly, you have to do this procedure one hand at a time.

Use Drying Drops

Drying drops are available in the cosmetic supply store. You can also order these ingredients online. These oil-based drying drops perform similar to the baby oil drops you use for drying Gelixir nail polish. Generally, you use these drying drops to condition your cuticles. They double up as nail polish dryers. It takes a few minutes for the drying drops to set in and dry your nail polish altogether.

The Thinner the Topcoat, the Easier It Is to Dry

One of the best methods to dry your nail polish is to have as thin a topcoat layer as possible. However, a lighter coat will not give you a glossy finish. It is better to apply a thin layer and let it dry before applying more layers over it to lend a lustrous sheen. If you love a matte finish, you can leave it in a single coat.

Final Words

Nail manicures require you to exercise tons of patience. They look fantastic when you follow the correct procedure. Therefore, you should not worry about spending about five to ten minutes more and ensuring a perfect job. There is nothing better than a UV/LED lamp for drying Gelixir polish. People who are allergic to UV radiation can try out these alternatives and have beautiful nails.