OPI Dipping Powders

Sometimes, our lifestyle and the work we do can be changed by a simple thing like the nail polish we use. Regular nail polishes like acrylics and gels are known to have an application process that takes hours to complete and yet they chip off easily by just washing your hands or even when your fingers and nails withstand a little pressure. Do you have to let a nail polish change your life? You can avoid all this mess by considering OPI dip powder for strong and elegant looking nails.

opi dipping powder

With OPI dip powder system, it is now possible to have your nails retaining their elegant look for weeks without worrying about getting in touch with water or doing work that may cause pressure to your nails. This powder lets you live a normal life doing what you are supposed to do with no fears and at the same time looking elegant than any other person around. Many people are not aware of how a good substitute OPI dipping powder is to the usual gels and acrylic that a large population of women all over the world are used to. Many are just aware of the polishes that have to take a significant part of the day to apply. Such polishes easily chip off hence need one to keep on applying them after a few days. Some of the polish users are acquainted of acrylics better alternatives like gels that may last a little longer. However, gels would require you to use UV light hence exposing you to pathological complications.

Dipping powders, on the other hand, save a lot of your time since they are applied within a very short period of time. Moreover, it is easier to apply them than gels and acrylics which make them suitable for beginners. Furthermore, you will realize a better quality coating that lasts for up to 4 weeks which is over two times longer than the other polishes. The coating you get from dipping powder is resilient to factors such as peeling, pressure, and scratches.

How Does OPI Dip Powder Work?

OPI offers 29 shades of coatings that you can get any time you want.  With such shades along the line of powder aptness, the diverse shades will make your nails look exquisitely magical. This coating is very unique and it varies from deeper shades like Malaga Wine, Black Onyx, and Lincoln Park after Dark to light shades like Mod About You, Passion and more. Just mix the colours that you want to come up with the OPI powder colour that you desire. Matching these colours will enable you to come up with a very unique colour that brings out your personality. You will have endless possibilities of the colours you can get with the existence of numerous colours on the OPI powder perfection.

How Safe Is OPI Dip Powder?

The number of women preferring to use OPI over the other common gels and acrylics has continued to increase over time. With the realization of the existence of this powder in the market, those who try it get obsessed with its after effects and encourage their friends to try it. People have noted that there are no toxins used in the manufacture of this powder hence making it safer to use. Without the existence of toxins, the users’ nails grow stronger and healthier with every use. Moreover, the nails gain more strength from this calcium fortified powder enriched with vitamin E for the best results.

The fact that after applying the powder will not require you to use UV lamps makes it better since it does not expose you to the risks associated with UV light. Moreover, you do not need to keep on changing the nail coating since it lasts for up to 4 weeks. This keeps your nails safe from filing. The takes to apply it is less as well as the time required to remove it. This makes it the safest nail polish and the best option in the world of a manicure.


The safety of your nails and hands is now assured through the use of OPI dip powder. By acquiring an OPI kit, you possess the means to make your nails stronger and healthier and at the same time looking more elegant. The finish you get from this powder is stunning making it the best polish to use. Even the traditionalists can try it and experience its magic. Are you intrigued by the possible look of your with OPI powder on them? Just go for the OPI kit and you will be the subject of admiration.