Yoga for Runners: Guest blog by Jen Donahoo

Yogi/runner Jen Donahoo shared with us how hot yoga at TruHarmony impacted her performance in races–we are thrilled and inspired!

Before I started practicing at TruHarmony, I struggled with cross training. Since I started going to Tru I have to say I have definitely started to see an improvement in my runs and pace. I’ve been an avid runner for some time.

I had knee surgery in August and this past weekend I ran a half marathon in New Orleans, my first since surgery. I managed to run the best/ fastest race I have ever run. I can not describe how strong and confident I felt. I really think that Tru helped. I’m not a fan of running in the humidity and would also feel ‘tired’ during races that had the sun beating down on me. I truly feel that taking classes at Tru with heat have helped to improve my performance as a runner. Not only has it helped to improve my performance, but its also helped with rehabbing my knee. The strength that I managed to develop made me feel pain free when I crossed the finish line. Needless to say I was so pumped with cutting off 10 minutes from my last PR! As well as it being my first race after knee surgery, I’ve had 4 knee surgeries total.

I can say this much, I will definitely be increasing the time spent at Tru in class so I can improve even more in my running!