Get a Chip-off Manicure with These Few Products

Musicians and typist alike all suffer the same fate as those housewives who works without hand gloves and this misfortune is called nicked nails. Though proper paint job helps in extending the life of your freshly painted nails, a long lasting mani is only as good as the materials you use and if your favourite salon doesn’t invest on their materials then don’t expect your nail polish to last long. Here are some of the chip-off products that you can use at home or take with you if you want someone to do your nails so you can have a heavy-duty week of flawless wear:

Chip-off Manicure with These Few Products

Clear Base

The same love and care you give to your face when applying makeup, a good manicure always starts with your foundation. The translucent, clear, pink and white base fills in ridges, and its signature tacky formula literally anchors any colour on top to prevent peeling and chipping. DTK Nail Supply has three varieties of bases from 3 known brands and they all offer good foundation for your nails.

Long Lasting Lacquer

Ever wonder what makes a pigmented mani durable? Well, it is not magic it is the smooth even finish brought by long lasting lacquer by OPI. Since excess product is more likely to peel from your nail bed, you can get away with one coat of colour from these bad boys.  The products we have tested

Polish Protector

A good DND DC gel polish is nothing without a good protector, the top coat seals the deals on your nails so it is very important to choose wisely. A good polish protector shields nails from smudging, peeling, and chipping, even if you work with your hands daily. The instant drying formula immediately locks in colour with an-ultra glossy finish. A good protector will keep your nails looking fresh and new even after days of using it. Invest in a good top coat and you will never regret buying one.

Dipping Powder

It has been discussed in previous articles that dipping powder last longer than acrylic and gel polishes. So if you are serious about getting a long-lasting mani-pedi, do not think twice of getting a dipping powder for your nails, it might be a little expensive in the beginning but the savings that you will get after long use will all be worth it. Aside from making your nail polish last longer than most conventional nail polish do, (two-three weeks at most) dipping powder can last longer than a month.

Get the mentioned products above at DTK Nail Supply, you can buy per piece or you can get wholesale nail supplies at a great discounted price and you will thank us for keeping your nails immaculate for weeks. Place your order now and thank us later!