The Pros and Cons of a Dip Powder Manicure

Talk of beauty and the first words that come to mind are skincare and makeup. However, nail care is also right there at the top of the list and gaining prominence, especially among the younger generation.

For years, the debate is raging whether nail polish is good for health. If you expect a blunt answer, it is ‘No.’ Nevertheless, it is excellent for cosmetic use. If you follow the right procedure and use high-quality products like SNS dip powder, the pros outweigh the cons any day.

Let us now discuss the pros and cons of getting anpowder nail manicure. You can make your decision yourself.

Pros of using Dipping Powder


The fact that attracts people to dipping powder is that a dipping powder manicure lasts much longer than other nail manicures like acrylic or gel. There are instances of dipping powder lasting for nearly eight weeks. The only aspect that restricts dipping powder’s endurance power is the nail’s natural growth.

Free of Chipping

If you apply dipping powder the right way by following the procedure religiously, dipping powder does not chip off like other manicures. Hence, it scores high on the attraction quotient, as well.

Ease of Application

The dipping powder manicure is easy to learn and master. It does not involve much painting, thereby making it easy for people to apply the same. In the case of gel or acrylic polish, it can be challenging for people to use their non-dominant hand to paint the nails. However, it is always better to visit a nail salon and get the dipping powder manicure done professionally.

No exposure to UV lamp

Dipping powder is itself a dry application. The topcoat application dries within minutes of applying it. The basecoat contains powerful adhesive properties that allow the dip powder to stick to it. Hence, there is no need to cure the manicure under a UV lamp. Thus, you avoid UV lamp exposure and reduce the risk of developing skin cancer. Such is not the case with gel polish, where it is invariable to cure the manicure under the UV lamp.

An exciting range of colors

If you go for quality products like SNS powder nails, you get an exotic range of colors on display. The range is such that you need not repeat a specific shade in your life.

We are through with the pros of dipping powder. Here are some cons that help you make a concrete decision.

Cons of using Dipping Powder

Sanitary Concerns

One of the limiting factors of getting a nail dipping powder kit is the lack of proper sanitary precautions observed in nail salons and homes. The better-equipped nail salons take this issue seriously, but the cheap ones throw caution to the winds. Technically, one should not dip the nail into the dipping powder bottle. You never know who has done this before you and whether they had any nail infections like fungus. You could end up getting infected. Many salons have found a way out of this by sprinkling dipping powder over the nails. Though it reduces the risk of contracting infections, the residue powder still gets collected in the bottle and is reused.

Questionable ingredients

Getting the dipping powder to stick to the nails can pose a potential risk. If you recollect, you apply a base coat with strong adhesive properties. Cheap dipping powder kits come with a base coat containing cyanoacrylate, the main ingredient in Krazy Glue. Though the US FDA has approved its use, many countries like Canada and some in Europe have banned the use of Krazy Glue.

The tedious removal procedure

One can imagine the challenges of anything sticking to Krazy Glue. If you remove dipping powder the same day you apply it, the procedure takes around 15 minutes. It gives you a clue of the extent of time it takes to remove after four to six weeks. Removing nail polish requires you to soak the nails in acetone, the most effective nail polish remover. Acetone can dehydrate your nails and skin and make them brittle and sore. Soaking your nails for half-an-hour twice a month can significantly weaken your nails.

Check out the ingredients

If you think that acrylic nail polish has carcinogenic ingredients, it can surprise you that dipping powder also contains acrylic ester polymer, but in a different form. However, the concentration levels are low. Nevertheless, constant exposure to such harmful chemicals can cause issues like nasal and dermal irritation.


Though dipping powder has its share of cons, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. As a result, dipping powder manicure like SNS powder nail has become popular globally. However, it is advisable to give your nails a natural break of about a week or two between two successive manicures to let them recuperate.