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Top 5 Best Tattoo Transfer Solution Every Tattoo Artist Needs

As for everything you decide to do, the first step that needs to be done is to gather all the resources and important material that is required during the process. Same goes with the tattoo inking procedure. Most people think that it is only the tattoo ink and the tools that are important but one very essential part of tattoo procedure is selection of tattoo transfer solution and suitable stencil options for getting the perfect print of the design onto the body. These solutions must be functional enough to hold the stencil and transfer paper onto the skin during the entire transfer process so the design can be completed with great accuracy and precision resulting in a concentrated, dark and vibrant color on the skin which can stay longer. Have a look at the best tattoo transfer solutions you will need in your next tattoo session.

Anchored Products Nikko Tattoo Stencil Solution

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The Nikko Tattoo stencil solution by anchored products is a centuries old practiced item to get a perfect design transfer on the body. These solutions are made using the finest ingredients which stay on the skin firmly during lengthy sessions, keeping the paper in its place. This allows the tattoo artist to concentrate on the design and create a perfect one the way it’s client requires.

Autdor Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine

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Printing machines play an important role in the process of getting the best tattoo designs. A good stencil printer gives you command and customizability to get whatever design you want. You definitely need to try out this one. The best feature of Autdor Tattoo stencil printers is the light-weight and portable nature. It does not take much space and can be transferred anywhere easily. The high printing speed and low noise makes it the printer of choice for all tattoo artists.

ReproFX Spirit Transfer Cream Tattoo Stencil Thermal Skin Solution

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ReproFX excels in producing the best quality tattoo solutions. This solution is extremely friendly with all skin types. It helps in allowing the dyes and pigments to firmly adhere to the skin as soon as they are applied. This solution has extremely long activity and helps the tattoo artists to add multiple layers of the design without worrying about replacing the stencil, as the solution holds it perfectly in its place.

Chiste Tracing Stencil Transfer Paper

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The Chiste Transfer papers have been manufactured keeping in mind the requirements of the tattoo process. These transfer papers are made up of four layers. This multiple layering allows easy printing of the design as well as sticking of the paper on the skin without ruining the surrounding areas. Looking into the compatibility of this tattoo stencil paper, it can easily work with any thermal copier machine. You can also put your own design on the paper by simply drawing it. This is because the texture resembles the normal writing papers, allowing ease of usage.

Electrum Tattoo Transfer Gel Solution

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The Electrum tattoo solution available in gel-like consistency is easy to apply on the skin. The gel quickly spreads and adheres to the skin. The product is totally vegan and was never tested on animals. During the process, you can enjoy the sweet and unique fragrance of this solution. It is good to work with any type of stencil, either it is hand drawn or developed using any printing machine. The stencil produces dark and vibrant colors of the stencils.


If you have decided to get a tattoo in near future, you should have a sound knowledge of the basic necessities of a tattoo procedure. Knowing about the best products can really help you. This is because tattoo itself causes a lot of pain, you cannot get an additional pain of low quality products reacting with your skin. Tattoo solution is the most important thing used in the inking of design. Try out any of our recommended best tattoo solutions and fulfill your dream of getting your favorite design needled on your body.