Pull-Off Colourful Floral Nail Design Using Nail Dipping Powder with These Designs

Do you and paint brush can work harmoniously together? If you do, then it is time to reinvent you art by doing in on your own nails instead of the usual canvass. You can wow everyone with your home-made floral manicure that is to die for. Women adore nails and flowers and combining the two will make a striking combination. It is time to put your free-hand at work as you create these tiny flower designs on your nails.

Pull-Off Colourful Floral Nail Design

1. Simple Blue Flower on White Nails

Using LDS Clear Powder, coat the nail bed and have yourself a nice little canvass. Using a detailing brush and black nail polish, create the stem and other details. Your flower design doesn’t have to be too complicated especially if you are a beginner. You can create simple petals using detailing brush and LDS D88 Powderblue.

2. Fantastic Orange Flowers on White Base

If you want your floral design to stand out, white base is the best way to go. It is clean and it will really highlight your art. In this case, you can now be a bit bold and create a two-toned flower instead of a simple one. The petals can be achieved by combining LDS D101 Fantastic and LDS D100 Bloody Mary. Just go easy on the red so you don’t mess up with the look.

3. Pink and Yellow Flower on Thorny Stem

You are now getting the hang of it, your majestic hand is creating wonders as usual. You can try this other flower design and be the show stopper. Using LDS D87 Cherry Passion and LDS D101 Fantastic, you can create a beautiful two-toned flower that looks like it’s been made from the salon. To make your nails look like it’s worth a hundred bucks, create a thorny stem using detailing brush and black DND DC polish.

Pro Tip:

  1. Since you use LDS Nail Dipping Powders on your nail, it is guaranteed to last but if you really want to enjoy your nail design for a longer period of time, curing the decorated nail under a UV/LED Light for a good 30 seconds won’t hurt. It will fortify the nail and at the same time keep the design from fading.
  2. Don’t be obligated by using white as your base coat, go as colourful as you like and play with the colors. Flowers are the most feminine design that anyone can wear so don’t just settle for a single color, combine your favorite colors with bright ones and have yourself a picturesque nail that other girls will envy. You can go as far as wearing neon on your nails and no one will ever say that it is too loud because when it comes to floral design, there is no such thing as overdoing it.