“Honor Your Body” Guest blog by Esperanza Castillo

Recently we caught up with yogi Esperanza about the changes she has seen in herself since taking classes at TruHarmony. We are thrilled to be included in her journey–read and be inspired!

Michelle’s instruction has been my favorite. Her Thursday sculpt yoga class is the one my body dislikes the most bc I’m so outa shape but her instructing, practice & communication keeps me engaged but focused on my own practice. After the past two winters of Bikram, TruHarmony changed my opinion about Vinyasa giving the body a whole workout & relaxation & meditation. Last week, Michelle, taught about space & release. And that day, I had been filtering & releasing a lot of negative energy. Then this past Saturday morning, the male instructor, talked of w/out judgement, we find curiosity & then we he challenged us in a new pose that stretched us, he reminded us to just be in that moment bc it’s just a tiny moment in time. I’m not your typical “zen” yoga guru kind of person but there’s so much therapy in the classes. And then this past Wednesday, it was bitter cold, I had to commute over an hour & half to make my class which made me regret going then practice was wonderful & the instructor at the end, told us to honor ourselves for taking the time to honor our bodies!! Wow!!