The Master Cleanse

That’s right, it’s been decided. A few of us are going to join together and balance out the Memorial Day holiday weekend by following it with a seven-day cleanse.

Here’s the dates:

On Tuesday, June 1, we’ll begin the three-day ease-in
On Friday, June 4, we’ll start the seven-day cleanse
On Friday, June 12, the three-day recovery will begin and we’ll officially be done on June 13
The recovery is the most important and I hear it is the most uncomfortable part of the process. Even though we’ve been dreaming about jelly-filled donuts for a week – it is not worth the stomachache.

So, how do we do it?

The ease-in and recovery mirror each other. Start with a day of eating only fruits and vegetables (no meat or dairy). On day two, eat only smoothies, juices (V8), soup or broth. Day three is only orange juice. For the recovery, day one is orange juice, day two is smoothies/soups, and day three is fruits and veggies.
CLEANSE: we’ll call this mixture “lemonade,” detailed below. Drink 6-12 glasses a day, or whenever you are hungry. Drink as much plain water as you like (most of us are dehydrated anyway).
Laxative: every morning and night. Alternatively, a salt water flush can be done at night. Mix one Tablespoon of sea salt into a liter of water and drink the whole thing on an empty stomach. Then, stay near a restroom for at least an hour.
Cheating with herbal tea (caffeine free) is allowed. ONLY herbal tea.

2 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice (enzymes and vitamins, MUST use fresh lemon juice or you’ll have less energy)
2 Tablespoons maple syrup (ONLY use 100% pure maple syrup, the darker the better)
1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper powder (increases circulation, raises metabolism, breaks up mucous)
8 ounces water
Some people do the Master Cleanse for rapid weight loss – but it doesn’t stick. Focus on the lifestyle change that comes with being aware of what you put in your body. During the day, think about how your glorious body is working to get rid of toxins.

Definitely go to yoga – you will sweat out toxins and deep breathing will help your body do its work. Keep a journal, read a book or set aside time each day for meditation.

Questions? Reply below with a comment, and I’ll get back to you!